Auro 5-Stage Water Filtration System
Auro 5-Stage Water Filtration System

Water Filtration System w/Qty. #1 32 oz Auro Ionic Water Purifying Mineral Solution (HDPE)

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This is a bundled package w/qty. #1 Auro 32 oz Liquid Ionic Water Purifying Minerals and qty. #1 Auro 0.2 micron ceramic/5 stage earth layer gravity fed water filtration unit.

The Auro 5-Stage Water Filtration System is one of the most efficient and practical water filtration systems on the market.  The Auro Liquid Gold Ionic Trace Minerals along with the Auro Gravity Fed Earth Layer Filtration Unit allows to easily transform any fresh water back to its purest, most pristine, highly oxygenated,  ultra-hydrating, living, mineralized state in which nature intended.

Auro water purification technology:

Water is the key to life for all living things on our precious planet.  The human body is composed of over 60%-75% water.  Water regulates all functions of the body.  It helps to generate energy, delivers nutrients and is a powerful cleanser.  It detoxifies the body by cleaning out the accumulated toxins and waste. As such the quality of water we drink affects nearly every aspect of our well-being. Unfortunately, most of our drinking water sources have been found to contain numerous contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, chemical disinfectants, harmful microorganisms and even pharmaceutical drugs.  Drinking water with even minute amounts of these contaminants over time is unsafe and extremely unhealthy for all life.  These contaminants can lead to serious health problems such as liver, kidney or central nervous system problems, as well as cancers.  The Auro solution water purification technology is based on nature’s water and its ability to heal itself with the proper minerals that are symbiotic in nature with all our natural sources of fresh water.  It is a natural blend of purified water and concentrated ionic Sulfate minerals. It is non-toxic, free of synthetic chemicals, and one hundred percent natural. The Auro solution products removes or reduces more contaminants than the leading filtration devices on the market today and corrects and restores it so it’s in it’s natural (primordial) state.  It is safe for you and the environment and it gives your water a pure, delicious taste.   This technology is like the process whereby nature keeps bodies of water fresh and clean. The Auro solution purifies water in a four-step process.

Step 1: Flocculation: When added to water, Auro causes dissolved, invisible contaminants to come out of suspension.

Step 2: Coagulation: Next, the contaminants are neutralized as they clump together and become insoluble.

Step 3: Precipitation: Once coagulated, the insoluble, neutralized contaminants solidify as they precipitate out of solution.

Step 4: Deposition: The precipitates settle and are deposited as sediment at the bottom of your water container.

This 4-step process allows the precipitated contaminants to be easily filtered. We recommend using the Auro Water Filtration System in conjunction with Auro minerals for best results. When not using our filtration system, it can take 24-48 hours (depending on water quality) for precipitates to settle to the bottom of your water container. The Auro Water Filtration System begins filtering the coagulated, neutralized contaminants immediately, making your drinking water readily available for consumption after you treat the water.

The Auro purifying solution not only removes harmful contaminants and microbes from your drinking water, it provides a full spectrum of ionic trace minerals that are readily absorbed by your body for optimal health.  The Auro solution enables you to create healing, structured and mineral rich water similar to that found in natural healing hot springs and mineral springs throughout the world that are known to bring about rejuvenation and recovery from illness.  With the Auro solution you and your family will always enjoy the many benefits of clean, living mineral water the way nature intended.  This is nature’s technology that we are providing you!  You can be rest assured that you are consuming pure healthy water that is healing and life giving when using the Auro minerals to treat any fresh water. 

The Auro Ceramic Filtration Unit combines the technology of a water filtration unit with the power of the Auro Ionic Water Purifying Minerals.

The basic design of the Auro Ceramic Filtration is simple.  The unit has two water chambers.


The upper chamber has a 5 liter capacity (approximately 1-1/2 gallons) and the lower chamber has a 10 liter capacity (approximately 3 gallons.)


Once the upper chamber is filled with water, and a minimum of 5cc’s of the Auro a Ionic Mineral solution is added, the water drips into the lower chamber and is now free of any organic pathogens (anaerobic bacteria, viruses, toxic algae, parasites, etc.) and/or inorganic harmful/toxic chemicals that were active and a part of the water! This process allows us to take our contaminated dead water and easily create highly oxygenated, structured or ultra-hydrating, mineral spring water from any fresh water source without the use of electricity.  This is nature's technology/methodology that we are following which creates the healthiest life-giving water possible.

First Filtration stage (upper chamber) consists of a ceramic dome with an absolute pore size of 0.2 microns. The function of this 0.2 ceramic filter is to collect/trap all the dead/inert precipitates or ash that precipitates out of the Auro treated water due to it's magnetic charge that it feeds the water which reveals any and all dissolved particulates (organic/inorganic) that were once in a active/toxic state that are now separated out of the water and inert or no longer in a toxic/harmful state.  This inert matter or ash looks like a peach blood remnant and is completely safe to consume as there is no elemental content to it and again it just burnt up matter or ash.  The Auro minerals are the truest way to visually see the purity levels of any fresh water!  If there is anything that is laden in the water or not part of H2O that is not supposed to be there than these minerals will reveal them through unique water purifying process! 

Second Filtration Stage (lower chamber) consists of layers of earth (activated carbon, zeolites, silica sand, and ion exchange resin) and are highly effective in the removal of bad odors, tastes, and other compounds.  This filter mimics Earth's natural filtration process for our ground water (layers of Earth) that is found in nature. 

The Auro 5-Stage Water Filtration System sets up easily and provides an unlimited supply of clean, odorless, great-tasting drinking water.


  • Combines with Auro Liquid Gold to reduce over 250 contaminants including pharmaceuticals, OTC drugs, agricultural chemicals, heavy metals, industrial chemicals, disinfectants, disinfection byproducts, and microorganisms to a concentration less than or equal to NSF/EPA permissible standards.
  • Convenient to use. Just fill the top tank with water and let it filter through.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Long-lasting filters. Replacements last 9-12 months.
  • Retains natural minerals for healthier, better-tasting water.
  • Gravity-fed filtration – the same process that occurs in nature.
  • Eco-friendly & cost-effective. Eliminates the money and environmental costs of buying bottled water.
  • Does not require electricity.
  • Portable & compact. Breaks down to fit in a 12L x 12W x 11H (in) box.

         **NSF Certified Filter and Replacement Filters

Replacement Filters:


  • Filtration Method Gravity-fed All Natural Earth Element Filtration
  • Filter Media - Micro Ceramic, Activated Carbon, Zeolites, Silica Sand, and Ion Exchange Resin
  • Capacity -Top Tank holds 1.3 gallons (5L) / Bottom Tank holds 2.6 gallons (10L)
  • Dimensions - Fully assembled 13B x 23H (in) / Assembled without base 11B x 18H (in)
  • Material - Food grade HDPE #2 BPA-free plastic
  • Weight - 9 lbs.


*Not currently available in California or Iowa.

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